Your wedding stationery sets the scene for your wedding. A low quality printed and design invite will leave your guests wondering weather you are scrimping on other things too. A creative, professionally designed invitation will make sure your wedding is eagerly anticipated by the guest.

Besides the paper product, a stationer provides service: advice and guidance on wording, items to be included, quantities to be ordered, turnaround times, and reliability of manufacturers. Wedding stationer is experience in design and producing invitation.

Planning a wedding is time consuming, if you both have a full time job, you will need to delegate some of the tasks. Getting invitations out on time is a crucial part of the wedding planning. Do you have time in your busy life to design, make (or print)? Will your designer friend who is doing them for free have the same urgency as they would a paid job?

Wedding stationers are a creative bunch. We are coming up with ideas and designs all the time. Weather you are going for vintage, shabby chic, sophisticated or to the beach, we will have a range to choose from. All you need to do is browse our galleries or pinterest and you will find your wedding style.

A typical Asian wedding costs around HKD300,000. When you’re spending that much money for a wedding, it is essential your event is flawless. Even if you opt to have a range of different, bespoke items from a wedding stationer, chance are it won’t cost more than 10% of your total wedding expenditure. When you think about your stationery that blinds everything together, it is a no brainer. 

Working with a wedding stationery company offers you peace of mind that everything will be done right. We offer great value and takes a job off from your massive to do list!