A common mistake is that people associate the number of guests with the number of invitations they need.  Typically, one invitation gets sent to per couple or per family, which reduces the invitation count by 30%. I always double-check with my brides who list large quantities to make sure that they are counting Invitations and not people.

For the number of invitations, count one for each of the following: • Couple (married or living together) • Family (includes any children under 18) • Single Guest • The Officiant (if applicable) • The Photographer & Videographer (for them to shoot) • Keepsakes & Last Minute Guests

Order Extra? I recommend ordering an additional 10%-15% overage. Inevitably there will be someone (a cousin, or maybe your father’s business partner) who slips your mind when completing your guest list. It is more cost effective to have a few extras on hand, rather than to have to submit a separate order.

If you are thinking of using a calligrapher or handwritten addresses yourself, order 10%-15% addition  envelopes for any addressing mistakes.