Invitations and graphic designer, Wylis Chiu, is the creative energy behind Flare Paper n’ Style and Flare Creative.  With over 10 years of a professional experience in graphics design work for prestigious brands and corporations, Wylis’ design style is synonymous with fresh and innovative elegance. 

Together with her heart and soul poured into her bespoke projects, her work is continually praised and is a favourite among brides, wedding planners, newspaper and magazine editors, and event designers alike.  

"I honed my visual style and extensive experience from working with cross-section of business sector and organisation. I enjoy working with people who are ready to change and seeking for perfection."

As a trendsetter in invitation design, Flare has been consistently featured in a host of publications including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, South China Morning Post, HK Magazine and In Magazine.  In addition, Flare is now the appointed invitation and stationery partner of the luxury hotels in Singapore: Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Flare has also earned itself an international clientele base spanning from Hong Kong and Singapore to the UK, Italy, France and the US.

"I love it that I can indulge myself in doing what I’m passionate about. When I see my creations bring smiles to people’s faces, sheer of joy floods my inner being.  This is the ultimate reward of all the efforts I put into my work."

If you are wish to keep in touch with Wylis, you can email to